Reimagine the Impact of Engagement

HyperCarrot® is an all-in-one platform for you to embrace the power of the “THANK YOU” to unite your internal and external stakeholders to maximize engagement, revenue, and impact.

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Develop employees who drive customer engagement

Your employees are the key to engaging your customers. They are the lifeline of your organization. They help you create customer impact.

According to Gallup’s B2B report, only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged and 71% are at risk of leaving for a competitor.

Solutions to drive customer engagement

Create customer impact by ensuring your customers know that both your employees and organization truly care about them. Thank them. Appreciate them. Send them positive impact stories. Little things like this can make a huge impact with your customers.



External Engagement

Your employees can now drive customer engagement and take it to a whole new level with HyperCarrot’s External Engagement solution.

How External Engagement Works

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Use Cases

Your Sales, Customer Success, Account Management, Customer Service, etc. teams, and of course your C-Suite, can all drive customer engagement with HyperCarrot’s External Engagement solution.

You can even use it to drive engagement with your prospective customers!


Send your prospects a video message to leave a lasting impression!


Send video and/or image messages to celebrate your customers’ special occasions.


Send impact updates, breaking news, announcements, and more.


Send your customers occasional video messages to show them appreciation.


Thank your vendors, consultants, and other external stakeholders.


Add an eGift to your external video and/or image messages.

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Internal Engagement

In order for your employees to drive customer engagement, they first need to be engaged. They need to know that you genuinely care about them and that your actions show it.

You can increase employee engagement with HyperCarrot’s Internal Engagement solution.

Recognition is a short-term need that has to be satisfied on an ongoing basis — weekly, maybe daily.“ – Jim Harter, Gallup’s Chief Scientist

Internal Engagement Starts with Recognition

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“In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work’ is responsible for a 10% to 20% difference in revenue and productivity.” – According to Gallup

Why Should You Lead with Gratitude?

Watch Chester Elton talk about how you can become a better leader through gratitude.

Chester is the Co-Author of Leading with Gratitude – a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and Advisory Board member here at HyperCarrot.

Perfect for Nonprofit Organizations

HyperCarrot is a perfect solution for nonprofit organizations. Engage your employees, volunteers, and donors using our video/image messaging platform to maximize engagement revenue, and impact.

“People want access, authenticity, and transparency. Use video to lift the veil on your work. In this same vein, people prefer to interact with amateur content than super polished and posed accounts.”

– Julia Campbell, Nonprofit Digital Marketing Consultant

Start driving your employees’ and customers’ engagement today and see your revenue and productivity increase!

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Nonprofit Organizations

Drive employee, volunteer, and donor engagement with both HyperCarrot’s Internal and External Engagement solutions.

Average Donor Retention Rate

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) 2019 Annual Survey Report

With an average donor retention rate of only 43% means that 57% of donors leave every year and do not continue to give. Your nonprofit CANNOT afford to lose more than 50% of your donors every year! You are losing anywhere from tens of thousands to millions per year depending on the size of your nonprofit.

Increase Your Donor Retention Rate

You can increase your donor retention rate by increasing engagement with HyperCarrot.

Donor Thank You’s

Send your donors a timely personalized thank you video after each donation.

Impact Updates

Send your donors regular impact updates such as personalized video and/or images so they can see what their donation accomplished.

Employee + Volunteer Recognition

Recognize your employees, volunteers, and share with your donors so they can see them working hard to accomplish the mission.

Colleges and Universities



K-12 Private Schools