HyperCarrot is a modular platform that is packed with a slew of modules you can use to drive internal and external stakeholder engagement.

Core Modules:

  • External Engagement
  • Internal Engagement
  • Carrot Bank
  • Leaderboards
  • Think Tank
  • Survey
  • Goal Tracker
  • Data Analytics

External Engagement

Engage your external stakeholders by sending video/image messages customized with your organization’s branding.

Add a message

Record a short video or upload an image

Add an optional eGift

Preview and send your video/image message to your external stakeholder!

Internal Engagement

Recognize your internal stakeholders through our unique carrot badge system that is completely customizable.

  • Send video/image recognition messages to an individual or team and attach a carrot badge.
  • Add optional monetary-based carrots so your internal stakeholders can redeem their carrots for cool eGifts!
  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition.

Select an individual or team to recognize

Add a message

Record a short video or upload an image

Add a unique carrot badge or optional monetary-based carrot

Post to the Internal Wall for public recognition!

Carrot Bank

Your internal stakeholders can ear optional monetary-based carrots they can redeem for cool eGifts!

Think Tank

Internal Stakeholders can express their opinion and offer new ideas about how to improve the organization and how to achieve the mission and goals set out for the year. Technical ideas, organizational initiatives and process improvements can be posted and others can comment. Rewards can be tied to participation.

Your internal stakeholders are your organization’s key assets. HyperCarrot gives you the tools to tap into that brain trust and organize and analyze this important data.


Your internal stakeholders’ emotions can be difficult to decipher. HyperCarrot allows you to monitor their emotions. You can proactively send out surveys to gather important insights like attitudes and perceptions of your organization’s activities and programs. Detecting their moods will help you intervene before they become disgruntled.

C-suite executives can reach their internal stakeholders at a moments notice to either push information out or pull information in.

Rewards can be tied to participation.

Goal Tracker

Using HyperCarrot, you can now create individual and team goals and track progress throughout the year. This allows all internal stakeholders to participate in monitoring their success and the organization’s success.

You can create and assign tasks for the week, month, and quarter. Track these tasks and recognize and reward your internal stakeholders for completing their tasks!

This creates an environment of maximum engagement, revenue, and impact.

Data Analytics

View Internal and External Engagement data analytics for your entire organization. Like video/image messages sent externally, which individuals and teams have sent and received the most/least number of badges/carrots, the number of carrots redeemed, and more.

Start embracing the power of the “THANK YOU” to unite your internal and external stakeholders to maximize engagement, revenue, and impact TODAY!

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